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La Cerveceria Catalana in Barcelona


[Taking orders]

If you mention the name “Cerveceria Catalana” to someone who lives in Barcelona, the notion of clamoring for standing space at the bar at lunchtime amidst office workers and informed tourists comes to mind. With a name that literally means "the Catalan brewery", it's no wonder the place just exudes an air of heritage and prestige in terms of bona fide good traditional food.

Whenever someone visits me in Barcelona, this would be one of the must-do to expose them to authentic tapas and the whole chaotic and boisterous bar scene. There are three items I can’t miss ordering each time I’m there. The brocheta de langostinos (skewered grilled shrimps), montadito caliente de solomillo (the most perfect slice of sirloin on a piece of baguette), and patatas bravas (potatoes with a spicy mayo-based sauce).

Tapas Bar in Barcelona

[Cerveceria Catalana in Barcelona]

The best time to go is a good half hour before the official start of lunch time in Spain – 2 p.m. or right around 4 p.m. after the lunch crowd starts to disperse a little. It’s a lot more fun to find a seat at the bar than in the proper dining room as you can pick and choose the huge array of tapas and fresh ingredients displayed in front of you.

In the know:
C/Mallorca 236, Barcelona
Tel: (+34) 93 216 03 68


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Blogger Anne Marie picked an olive...

Oh! This is such a lovely post. First of all because I also love authentic spanish food and tapas places. Second, because I will be goin to Barcelona very soon and this place has been undiscovered by me until now. I hope it is not closed for "vacaciones".

4:03 p. m., julio 27, 2007

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

I agree. Wonderful post. From your description, I'd like to stop by here one day and experience what it has to offer.


1:15 a. m., julio 29, 2007

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

I love the guy taking the order - the expression on his face, the wonky epaulette, the pile of asparagus.. great blog!

9:05 a. m., julio 29, 2007

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

life in yonder: don't think they'll be closed at peak "guiri" season. they can't afford to i reckon ;)

paz: hola guapa, gracias por haber dejado un mensajito para mi. tendrias que venir..Barcelona te espera!

zoe: hiyee, wonky epaulette, right on! thanks for your magnanimous comments!

8:35 p. m., agosto 01, 2007

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

I remember that guy taking the orders! I only lived across the street from La Cerveceria. ooo

Kel-ee, your La Cerveceria blog post made me extremely homesick for eating there and for La Vida en Barcelona. You captured some essence of the place! Where is the photo of pimientos padrón?

1:47 p. m., agosto 02, 2007

Blogger Unknown picked an olive...

Hi Kel,

just a quick post to thank you for your comments about Cacao Sampaka. I work there and I think your blog it's so so interesting! I also absolutely agree with you about La Granja Viadé and El Mundial :).
Let me know please when will you come back to Sampaka and maybe we can show you some others interestings and yummy chocolates ;)


11:26 p. m., agosto 08, 2007

Blogger greenoliva picked an olive...

Hola Nuria, glad you echo my sentiments about those two places. I'll be in BCN end of the month. Probably pop in on Friday Aug 31. Maybe I'll see you there. If you like you can email me at

11:07 p. m., agosto 10, 2007


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