martes, julio 03, 2007

Of bagels and Internet

Hot Chocolate

[Chocolate chaude]

Someone significant was recently quoted saying that “it’s easier to live without a TV these days then it is to live without Internet.” Indeed! I am currently living in this kind of ordeal until work recently got me 3G broadband access on my work laptop (on the premises, of course, that it be work-related usage). Well, just over the weekend, while walking pass a bagel place, a saw those magic words beckoning at me: free internet access.

So on Sunday morning, with a laptop and power supply loaded up in a backpack, we headed to Bagels and Beans just around the corner (they’ve several outlets in the city) for a homey lox bagel and a good dose of free internet. Now what has this picture got to do with all these? Well, it’s not all irrelevant. You see, this bagel place does serve the best presented hot chocolate I’ve ever come across – a glass of hot frothy milk with a cube of pure dark chocolate on a stick.

So if you’re in Amsterdam, you’ll know where to get online for free and guaranteed comfort food. Or you can of course just pop in for these eye-candy-worthy hot chocolate… eet smakelijk!

Dutch 101
Eet Smakelijk: Bon appetite; translates to eat well and with taste


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Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

OMG. CHOCCOLATE :DD Your blog's yummy man.

9:04 a. m., julio 11, 2007

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

hey hey yes CHOCOLATE?? Who can give those up??? ;)

2:02 p. m., julio 12, 2007

Blogger Riana Lagarde picked an olive...

LEKKER! enjoy Amst'dam!

12:45 a. m., julio 18, 2007


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