domingo, julio 15, 2007

Water, the Catalan way

Vichy Catalan

[El Vichy Catalan]

El Vichy Catalan! What more can I say? This elixir of life that fizzes with a taint of refreshing saltiness; a taste so unique it can only come from those natural minerals from Catalan resources. And yes, it’s my favorite kind of sparkling water, or water, period, for that matter. Too bad, I can only get it on a daily basis if I still live in Barcelona. Unless I don’t mind paying 5 bucks a bottle from some specialty online Spanish grocery.

Some people can have it at room temperature, some people insist on drinking them icy cold. I’ve been told that you either love it or you hate it. I think it can be true since water with bubbles (agua con gas in Spanish) let alone tasting a tad salty can be an all new experience for some.

I must say I’ve been raving about it so much that T had it already in his mental list of “must-try’s” in Barcelona. His first reaction wasn’t what I was expecting. “Why does it taste so salty?” he said grimacing. After the second sip, after a bite of food he went, “well, I think I can have this, with food.” Then he goes, approvingly, “Hmm, it’s salty but it doesn’t leave an aftertaste.” How bewildering, he must have thought.

By the second day of the trip, we have been ordering Vichy at every restaurant! This coming from someone who normally prefers still water? Well, I’ve sorta successfully converted my boyfriend into a Vichy lover, or so I reckoned.


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Blogger Pim picked an olive...

I adore that water. I do. I love that it's salty. I think the salt helps the body rehydrate, that's probably why I find that water so refreshing in the hot summer.

3:00 a. m., julio 15, 2007

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Very cool Kel...sounds like you and T are enjoying yourselves in Barcelona. I love sparkling water so I don't know how I would feel about "salty" sparkling water...I will have to try it some day. I am trying to get TK to go to Europe with me...not in the near future though. Take care and be well...Hugs, Andrea

10:47 p. m., julio 16, 2007

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Kel, you postings are wild fun. Here is this tres chic Malaysian girl sharing treasures. You are not creating an altar of "self" like "my space," instead you are sharing entries of adventure. This blog is spectacular. You are an invitation to life. I don't even need to buy a magazine! Love Sharona

10:49 p. m., julio 16, 2007

Blogger rokh picked an olive...

hi thanks for leaving a comment in my little blog. phew, life has been hectic with work, haven't really got the time to devour food blogs like i used to :) and have great fun in Amsterdam! (I am green with envy :)

11:58 p. m., julio 16, 2007

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

The website says it's very high on viginality. Whatever that means... *laughs*

I wish i could try it maybe i'll get converted to drinking sparkling water instead of still. :)

12:21 a. m., julio 17, 2007

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

I meant virginality [i can't even spell!] ;)

12:21 a. m., julio 17, 2007

Blogger Riana Lagarde picked an olive...

Yum, Ilove that kind of water, aguas des pedres in portugal. I remember the first time that I drank Perrier and thought it was salty. Now, I am addicted. We almost named our baby perrier.

12:43 a. m., julio 18, 2007

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

PIM: I know, it's an interesting kind of salty. It's the refreshing kind of salty, not draining kind of salty.

MAE: I think when they translate from Spanish, virginality might mean original, untainted, raw, pure... ;)

RIANA: Aguas des pedres. I'll remember when I go to Portugal.

9:10 p. m., julio 20, 2007


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