martes, diciembre 27, 2005


*kel in Casa Camper

[Camper Hotel, Barcelona]

What's this all about?
Musings of a permanent tourist on food and life. Green Olive Tree is a food and travel blog featuring eating finds, recipes, and world flavors adorned with original photography.

Who has all this time to write about all these stuff?
*kel; cultural tutti-frutti; senior corporate communications specialist; born in Malaysia and educated in the United States; been living and working abroad since 1998; quite crazy about the Spanish and French languages; bonkers about Mediterranean food cultures.

Blogging from Shanghai: present
Blogging from Amsterdam: 2007
Blogging from Barcelona: 2005-2006

Why only food?
Faced with the scarcity of decent wholesome food that every college student dealt with for a couple of years during dorm life, *kel’s serious venture into cooking surfaced out of survival mode. She somehow also cultivated the breakfast habit since college. In fact the first thing she thinks about waking up in the morning is, “I need food!” Since then, food shopping, cooking and baking has evolved into a form of therapy. She could spend many hours in the kitchen, at the green-grocer, and anywhere that spells f-o-o-d.

Creative and healthy, her cooking style is improvisional. Forget about asking her what's for dinner. She doesn't even know until she starts taking out the ingredients from the fridge! Unless it's one of those Saturday mornings when she wakes up feeling like cooking up a storm and marches right into the kitchen to tackle a fabulous recipe clipping.

How it all began?
Not long before she started this blog, friends have remarked on the frequency of macro food shots within her travel snapshots. Thereafter, she has been spotted with a camera snapping away on food-related items and getting inspired with writing ideas for this blog.

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From far away in Hong Kong I find we have many common interests in food, but how do you keep the weight down ;-).

There is a book inside just bursting to get out. I am sure the first edition will be a popular read.


9:55 a. m., mayo 02, 2006


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