miércoles, junio 27, 2007

Well, well, wagamama

Wagamama food attack

[Ivan & Nicolas @ Wagamama, Amsterdam]

I am so hopeless. It’s been a month and I have been making mental notes to myself about adding something new to my blog. The thing is there has been so much to do, so many friends visiting, so many new friends to meet, et cetera, et cetera…

Speaking of playing host, Ivan and Nico were in from Barcelona over the weekend. Wasn’t the best time to be though considering the crappy weather there is right now. It’s been raining and raining and the temperature dipped down to a whopping 15 degrees Celsius yesterday. No kidding, everyone on the street and in the metro was decked out in outfits made for autumn – boots and coats and all.

Nico has been raving about Amsterdam being great for its ethnic food offerings. Well, guess where we brought them? Yeah, ethnic, but not quite… Wagamama! Yup, there’s one in Amsterdam, and I can attest to the fact that it’s truly Asian, sans all those kitsch pseudo-antique paintings depicting dragon-chasing children doning tiny ponytails that defy gravity.

The duck gyozas and the coconut-milk-based sobas were the best of what was ordered that day. I had the ebi spicy men, noodles with shrimp in a spicy sauce that I didn’t think much of, primarily due to the way the carrots were cut and cooked. They’ve got excellent raw juices and the sparkling water comes in these cool glass bottles. If you need to have a quick bite in a spick and span space with a touch of class, this can be your dig.

In the Know:
Max Euweplein 10,
1017 MB, Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0) 20 528 7778


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