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Fishy business

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

[ Tsukiji Wholesale Fish Market, Tokyo ]

I haven't been very disciplined at blogging since I got back from my 10-day trip in Japan. Considering there is so much going on right now in this post-quarterlife of mine, especially in this in-between-jobs-cities-timezones transition period, I think you should be able to bear with me as I try to squeeze in one post before the April becomes May.

One of the "must-sees" on my list when I was in Tokyo was the Tsukiji Fish Market. I almost didn't make it since there was already so much to see in the city and the thought of climbing out of bed at 5 a.m. really deterred me. But then I thought it would be a real sin for a food blogger not to come back with some shots of this foodie shrine.

As you can judge from my photo stream, this waking up at 5 a.m. business has turned out to be quite worthwhile. It was a photographer's paradise having so much to take in and so many photo ops popping up everywhere. The most magnificent sight for me was this one passionate fishmonger strategizing the best way to cut up this entire whole tuna.

The closest I could get to for a fishy breakfast after all the oogling and clicking was ikura-don and green tea. (Sashimi at 7 in the morning? no way.) This bowl of rice bedded with translucent grains of glistening salmon roe the size of pearls was just heavenly. Man, I was a happy girl that day. Masa-san you can attest to that!

Official Site of Tsukiji Wholesale Fish Market.


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Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Wonderful pics! Welcome back!


8:33 p. m., abril 29, 2007

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

hola paz, thanks for stopping by!

9:58 a. m., mayo 11, 2007


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