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To-die-for sushi in Tokyo

[Amazing sushi in Shibuya, Tokyo]

[Check out how they style and present the sashimi]

[The sushi you order gets placed on the leaf in front of you as soon as it's being crafted]

[It's a pity I couldn't capture how boisterous the place was with the chefs and servers exclaiming welcomes and goodbyes at the top of their lungs]

IN THE KNOW:Must try if you are in Shibuya. Right at the Shibuya crossing on the second level of Mark City. Very easy to locate. This place's called Midori. There's always a line, so be prepared to wait for 15-30 minutes before getting seated. Price is about 5500 yen for two with sake.

梅丘 寿司の美登利
Shibuya / Sushi Dogenzaka 1-12-3, Mark City East 4F.
Open 11am-10pm daily.

**More pictures of my trip on my Flickr photostream.


5 Hand-picked Olive[s]:

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Wonderful pics -- especially the ones on flickr!


7:22 p. m., abril 12, 2007

Blogger Riana Lagarde picked an olive...

Wish that I was there! Have an extra hamishi for me and a bonito, and a fatty toro...yum


3:29 a. m., abril 17, 2007

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Ho! I love Tokyo and sushis and maki, I love that

6:01 p. m., abril 18, 2007

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

Hi Ladies, i walloped all the sashimi I could on your behalf!!

11:25 a. m., mayo 02, 2007

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

sushi. sashimi. I MISS :DD it looks so good. LUCKY YOU! :B

9:07 a. m., julio 11, 2007


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