domingo, enero 15, 2006

Le Pissenlit

[Dandelion Greens]

During the Christmas season, I spent an entire week in Southern France, the land known for its rich local produce. One of the things I tasted was a simple salad made with Pissenlit. This leafy vegetable literally means "piss in bed" in French, aluding to the duretic effects of this herb.

Known as dandelion greens in the States, the young tender shoots are cultivated in winter to make simple salads. While later in early spring, the mature leaves are cooked. Dandelion derives from another name of the plant in Old French which means lion's tooth: Dent-de-lion. In France it is common for people who live in the country to gather them in the wild.

Pissenlit has long been prized for its medicinal benefits that includes eliminating excess body fluids, reducing blood pressure, and dissolving gall stones. Due to its many wondrous benefits, people have used the herb in wine-making and beer-brewing. I was told while plunging into a bedful of the slightly bitter herbs tossed with a mustard dressing that the leaves are high in vitamin A, vitamin C and a good doseful of iron, more than found in spinach. If you come across these leafy goodness in your local markets, eat them up to your health!


Easy Mustard Dressing
2 parts extra virgin olive oil
1 part (whole grain) Dijon mustard
1 part balsamic vinegar
sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

This is my first participation in Weekend Herb Blogging hosted by Kalyn's Kitchen.

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Blogger Kalyn Denny picked an olive...

Just wonderful. I am so jealous that you went to France for Christmas. This will be our first WH Blogger from Spain. Everyone will be very excited to get a new country represented.

12:35 a. m., enero 16, 2006

Blogger Rose picked an olive...


France for the holidays--lucky duck!

I've tagged you for the Too Much Information Meme. I hope you have the time to write it and I look forward to reading it :-)


5:42 a. m., enero 17, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Le pissenlit. Very, very interesting! I love the French translation. ;-)

I see you've been tagged above for a meme. Well... I've tagged you for the Seven meme here.

I hope you can participate but if you'd rather not, I understand.

Happy blogging!


4:50 p. m., enero 17, 2006

Blogger Stephanie picked an olive...

That's so intersting! I've used dandelion petals in a salad and to garnish cakes before but this is totally fascinating!

8:24 a. m., enero 18, 2006

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

Kalyn: This Weekend Herb Blogging thingy is a really neat idea. I'm learning so much every week! Thanks for having me.

Rose and Paz: Thanks for thinking of me ladies! I'll try blogging the meme if I have time. I'll do what I can ok?

mm: Hola, I've not dealt with dandelion petals. Thanks for the info. I'm learning as much as you do while researching for the entry too ;)

12:00 a. m., enero 19, 2006


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