jueves, diciembre 22, 2005

Menu for Hope

The food blogging community, headed by Pim, is putting up a fundraiser for Kasmir's recent earthquake victims through UNICEF. You have till Friday to enter the raffle. Each $5 entitles you to a chance to win any of the amazingly cool and generous gifts donated by food bloggers from around the world. To participate, here's a recipe:
1. Find the gift you would like on the menu.
2. Go to Menu for Hope II donation page and donate $5 or whatever sum you could spare.
3. Indicate in the comment section your preferred gift(s). It's that easy! Give now.

I'm off to France till Jan 7th for the Christmas holidays. I'll try to post something when I can. Will be caputuring all things nice with my camera so stay tuned. Meanwhile have a Blessed Christmas...Joyeux Noel...Feliz Navidad!

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Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Hi Kelly, first time i stumbled across your blog. i'm a malaysian guy from kuching living in Terrassa but working in Barcelona. i follow/read anuarfariz and a few msians in spain. what are you doing here?

1:00 a. m., diciembre 23, 2005

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

hi anonymous: how did you find my blog? wow, I have never met anyone from malaysia here in bcn. You're the first one! Can you email me at kellyinspain@gmail.com? k

1:24 a. m., diciembre 23, 2005

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

hola kelly how are you? it's Nir from israel... I got your mail and dropped by to have a look. real nice - I'm gonna try the gazpacho...

3:02 a. m., diciembre 24, 2005

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

hey nir, cuanto tiempo! you've to tell me how the gazpacho turns out...Happy Hunukkah

4:50 a. m., diciembre 24, 2005


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