domingo, enero 01, 2006

Bonne Année from Paris

[Les Amoureux de la Bastille, 1957, Willy Ronis]

Darn, I left my faithful card-reader at home so there's no way to share the pictures I've taken here in Paris. But here's sharing with you a very special photograph taken by Willy Ronis, a celebrated Parisien photographer. Wishing you a stupendous 2006 and when I get back to Barcelona on the 8th, there'll be something nice here awaiting you.

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Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Hi Kel, This is Angie. You seem to be having a blast in Barcelona. Your blog is mouth-wateringly interesting. When I have my own kitchen, I will definitely try out your yummy recipes. Keep up the good work babe and Happy New Year!

12:16 p. m., enero 02, 2006

Blogger Isabel R picked an olive...

Dear Kel,
I hope you had a wonderful end-of-the year and a wonderful celebration of your birthday. I hope to see the pictures of your trip soon!!


2:39 p. m., enero 02, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Nice site. Unique too. Food. And u made it even more tempting, so much so one is willing to forsake a livetime of diet to tuck in that yummy. Like your style of writing. Light, easy and pleasant. Making one wants to read more. Interested to contribute to isasaya?... :) Can i provide a link to your yummy site in isasaya?

Keep up the good work and God bless,

12:15 p. m., enero 03, 2006

Blogger Kandarp picked an olive...

Food, Faith and Fiesta - that's Kelly.
Dear Kel, keep up the good work and keep inspiring people like me.
Wish you an excellent year - 2006!

12:31 a. m., enero 04, 2006

Blogger rokh picked an olive...

lovely site you have here. care to tell where your hometown is?

12:54 p. m., enero 04, 2006

Blogger Khanh picked an olive...

Happy New Year! Very much enjoy your writing, pictures and recipes. Must confess that I haven't been able to try any of your recipes, though I did get nostalgic for the Singaporean crabs. I prefer the black pepper sauce over the chili one. I should post more recipes to my site, although I do get competitive and am loath to share favorite formulas. Hope Green Olive Tree can cross-pollinate with The Food and Music Club. Could result in an inspiring mix of minds and palates.

10:58 a. m., enero 06, 2006

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

Angie: Hi, are you the newly married angie whom I had a lovely afternoon with strolling the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan? If so you should have your OWN kitchen by now ;)

Isasaya: Thank you so much for the compliments. I´d love to contribute to Isasaya. And yes, you can add my link on the site. Hope to see you soon! Happy New Year to the entire family...

Kandarp: Gracias for your gift of words. I am still tempted to go see Oliver Twist alone but I have decided to go see it with you! Love, Joy and Faith for your new year 2006, k.

Rokh: Batu Pahat :) What about you?

Khanh: Hey, black pepper crab is my fav too. I didn´t know you hail from South-East Asia too!?

10:42 p. m., enero 09, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Love this photo! Wishing all the best for this New Year 2006!


1:41 p. m., enero 10, 2006

Blogger Khanh picked an olive...

I was born in Vietnam but grew up in the Deep South. So it was normal to eat BBQ and cornbread at school for lunch and then tamarind soup and a whole fried fish that my mom made for dinner.

3:18 a. m., enero 19, 2006


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