sábado, diciembre 24, 2005

Kitchen Gear for a Truly Merry Christmas

Look what I've gotten in the mail? Kitchen gadgets flown in from across the Atlantic Ocean for Christmas! Thank you Becky and Pete for these amazing gifts. How appropriate considering the fact that I've recently started this food blog. I've always wanted a really sharp and "professional" and here I got one. The coolest thing is this KitchenAid Silicone Grabber that has a heat resistant up to 500°F. It makes removing pots and pans a breeze. I also love these white silicone pot holders; they're so stylish! Merci beaucoup!!

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Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Hello Kelly &
Happy 2006, too!
Glad you liked your gadgets.
Now I'm eager to try the lemon pistachio bread!
The Huettners sent us a traditional Stollen from Germany that Bernadette had made! It is a similar texture to the lemon bread I think,and contains dried fruit and raisins.
I will get the recipie for that one from Bernadette, hopefully - and attempt it!
Phil & Keet were over tonight - stopped by on their way to Olive Garden. Pete baked "instant" choc chip cookies while they were visiting and Paul and Zach kept us all entertained for awhile.
Then Phil and Keet were off to dinner and we watched Terminator 3.
Thinking of you!
(And this is a really nice blog)
Chiao! Becky

12:13 p. m., enero 09, 2006

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

Hi Becky, so great to hear from you and glad that you like the blog. I wonder if Pete was able to try the french recipe for pork I sent for new year's. Speak soon. k

5:26 a. m., enero 10, 2006


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