viernes, enero 27, 2006

El Pan de Olivas

[Olive bread]

The beauty of living in Europe is the exposure to authentic breads made according to ancient recipes. Slowly but surely, throughout the years of my "exile" (read voluntary absence) from Asia, bread is slipping into my diet at the dinning table, replacing my natural urges for fragrant jasmine rice.

One of my preferred bakery in Barcelona is La Boulangerie (aptly named in French, meaning THE bakery) and they happens to carry one of my preferred breads too -- el pan de olivas -- a crusty bread made of succulent pitted black olives. To my knowledge there are three branches, two of which are right at Avenida Gaudi, the diagonal road that cuts through a few massive blocks linking the massive Sagrada Familia and the modernistic Hospital San Pau. The third one is near Passeig San Joan in the L´eixample Derecha.

If you happen to live in Barcelona, or vacationing for that matter, the one right outside the entrance of the Hospital San Pau on C/Santa Maria de Claret has a great breakfast or merienda deal. For 2.20 euro or so, you get a nice hot cup of cafe con leche with a homemade or in this case storebaked tart or cake. Mind you, we´re talking about real confections to the tune of wholegrain apple pie and apricot spanish-style cheesecake, which would cost at least 2.50 euro a slice if it´s to go. And of course after your little snack or breakfast, you can pick up your daily loave of bread. I suggest molde de nueces, a wholegrain molded bread with walnuts, or the one featured in the picture above.


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Blogger rokh picked an olive...

yummy looking bread. btw, happy chinese new year!

2:35 a. m., enero 28, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

I love olive bread too! Last year I visited the italian region of Puglia (you see the heel in the boot) and I ate the most wonderful stuffed breads ever, you had them in every size you can imagine and they all were mmmm uufff real yom!
Anyway in the south of spain we have something called Pan Preñado (it means something as pregnant bread) they are lovely too but not able for vegies as far as I know as they are stuffed with pringa (kind of the mix of meats you can find in a morroccan cous cous but with pork too), chorizo or morcilla. It´s something like a calzone pizza but far more interesting. I finish here as I´m starting to be hungry again!
Tronak XX

3:42 a. m., enero 29, 2006

Blogger Kandarp picked an olive...

Great piece of information.
Happy chinese new year

9:42 p. m., enero 29, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

This sounds really good! I'd love a taste right about now. ;-)

Happy Chinese New Year!


11:02 a. m., enero 30, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

This sounds really good! I'd love a taste right about now. ;-)

Happy Chinese New Year!


11:07 a. m., enero 30, 2006

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

Hi everyone, xin nian kuai le and thanks for the greetings!

Tronak: Que rico! Gracias por la informacion. Ya veremos si puedo pasar por Andalusia antes de irme de España. Tengo mucho ganas de pasar unos días en Granada. Ya conozco Sevilla y Cadif, pero no el otro lado. Hasta pronto.

2:47 a. m., febrero 03, 2006

Blogger Ange picked an olive...

This bread looks fantastic. Olive bread is one of my all time favourites & luckily here in Melbourne there are quiet a few really good ones available from local bakeries

9:30 a. m., febrero 03, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

barcelona és fantástica! gracias pr tanta información idónea!

5:59 a. m., febrero 19, 2006


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