sábado, junio 10, 2006

Welcome to the Land of Fine Cheese and Wine

[Slightly-Aged Camembert - Au Lait Cru]

Yippee, I'm officially done with my Graduate program! Time to celebrate.
So off I go to a 20-day vacation in London, Paris, and Corsica, departing mañana.
Ten days urban, and 10 days country. How perfect can it be? I can't wait to get my hands on some aged Beaufort and a glass of good French wine, and not to mention, practice my conversational French. By the way, I graduated from French Level 2 of 5 at the Escuela Oficial de Idioma in Barcelona. Done with studies and my lifestyle sabbatical at the moment. You say, à la tienne, cheers! But it means back to corporate life again soon. Well, for now, art and history in London/Paris; sun and beach + excellent food in Corsica. The food part is cos we're going with Le Cordon Bleu to his family's village on the island. Back with photo stories in early July.

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Anonymous Brett picked an olive...

Congratulations! Sounds like you have a great trip planned. Can't wait to read about it and see photos of Corsica when you return.

12:32 a. m., junio 14, 2006

Anonymous mae picked an olive...

Congratulations! Have a lovely well deserved break. Have a glass of that good French wine for me :-)

10:32 p. m., junio 16, 2006

Blogger fooDcrazEE picked an olive...

come back soon

12:29 p. m., junio 18, 2006

Blogger passion picked an olive...

Congrats, Kel!

9:02 a. m., junio 20, 2006

Blogger Eggy picked an olive...

Congratulations! Have a smashing trip

6:19 p. m., junio 21, 2006

Anonymous Glutton Cat picked an olive...

Congratulations Kel.

2:27 a. m., junio 22, 2006

Blogger christine picked an olive...

Congratulations! And enjoy your vacation to the fullest, you deserve it. :)

1:40 p. m., julio 07, 2006

Anonymous jia picked an olive...

jolie demoiselle,

ton site est toujours une fête pour les yeux et une tentation pour les estomacs...
tu ne reviendras plus en Spagne?

bonne vacances!
bisous brésiliens

10:34 p. m., julio 13, 2006

Blogger Ulla picked an olive...

that looks heavenly!

8:07 a. m., julio 24, 2006

Blogger passion picked an olive...

where are u girl?

8:38 p. m., agosto 07, 2006

Anonymous Laocook picked an olive...

Great site! I have been trying to get my team to eat Munster Cheese, but it is an aquired taste (especialy for theose who eat Jámon with Garlic and Chilli!)

Hope you had nice travels.

8:24 a. m., agosto 31, 2006

Anonymous paz picked an olive...

Where are you? Hope all is well.


8:46 a. m., noviembre 11, 2006


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