miércoles, mayo 24, 2006

La Cuajada de Oveja

[Specialité au lait de Brebis Caillé]

What's this? Looks like a sort of yoghurt in a pretty pot, but it's not. It's la cuajada, a traditional milk-based dessert. The real ones are those made from ewe's milk and left to curdle with rennet from the ewe itself. I have come across it in the dessert section of traditional spanish restaurants' menu. Most popular in the North-eastern region of Spain where it originated, like Navarre and País Basco (Basque Country), cuajada is sometimes served with honey and fruit for breakfast, in place of yoghurt.

The creamy but light milk curd is sold commercially today with cow's milk. What a shame! The ones that come in packages, which you can make at home has starch and plant-extracted rennet instead. Hmmm....

Thankfully I found this pretty original version in an earthen pot in a typical small carniceria that also sells some cheese and other traditional food products. Also spotted this particular brand on the shelves of a fromagerie at Rue Mouffetard too. It seems like the food marketing strategy of this spanish product is pretty successful across the border. Oh, by the way, "Cuajada" means "curdled" in Spanish. Original huh?


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Blogger lobstersquad picked an olive...

I never quite got the point of cuajada.Must try again, you´re very persuasive!

6:45 p. m., mayo 26, 2006

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

hi lobstersquad, trust me, the original versions made of leche de oveja is really really tasty ;)

7:28 p. m., mayo 26, 2006

Blogger lobstersquad picked an olive...

Will definitely hunt it down. Lucky for me, it´s a spanish product. Whenever people rave blog about stuff, I can never find it.

11:06 p. m., mayo 26, 2006

Blogger Annette Tan picked an olive...

Ciao Kel! This was exactly the dessert i was telling you about when I first stumbled on your blog. When you move here, make sure you buy me some :-p

1:57 a. m., mayo 28, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

hey Kel.. nice work with the blog
keep it up

1:43 a. m., mayo 29, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

very nice blog, I will come back
Have a nice day,
Jacqueline k.
Cuisine et Compagnie.

4:07 p. m., mayo 29, 2006

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

lobstersquad> right on, you're in spain! but yes, you might have to hunt it down, i've only seen it at this one shop in barcelona. Can't find it in Caprabo!

eggy> ah-ha! that's what you were trying to tell me about when I wrote about Crema Catalana. I wish it's non-perishable, i'd get myself a case! ;)

passion> hola mi chico favorito en Chicago, how's life. nice hearing from you amigo!

jacqueline k.> coucou, nice blog you have there too! I checked it out. C'est bien pour mon apprentissage de français!

12:42 a. m., junio 01, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Oo, this looks good! Artisanal cuajada, what a good idea. I love the clay pot that it's sold in too. Very pretty and environmental, too.

11:42 p. m., junio 13, 2006


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