viernes, mayo 12, 2006

Fine Teas Finds

[Sans y Sans Fine Tea]

If you stroll down Carrer de L’Argenteria towards the Cathedral de Santa Maria del Mar, look out for a classy little tea shop on the left side just across from the popular tapas bar Sagradi. Once you step in, your senses will be captivated by the fragrances coming from the varieties of teas, tucked in giant-sized tins on the floor-to-ceiling dark wood shelves. Let the simplicity and stylish displays draw you in as you flick down the pages of their tea catalogue to find a tea that suits your mood.

My first encounter with this Catalan fine tea outpost -- Sans & Sans Fine Tea Merchants, was a bag of rooibos and black tea blend called Samurai given to Lionel by one of his friends on his birthday last year. The red rooibos was infused with a certain fragrant and a type of blue flowers. Unfortunately I found out that they do not stock this particular flavor anymore.

The closest I got to was Flor Del Desierto, a rooibos with bits of dried papaya, traces of chocolate and orange, and real rose petals (pictured above). Yumm! Best of all, it's caffeine-free so it makes an ideal tisane (herbal tea) before calling it a night. Right now this "tea" is my favorite. The taste of the infusion is as sweet as the tea itself. It smells so good that I've been toying with the idea of doubling it as a drawer freshener by filling it up in a handmade sachet.

[Earl Grey Green Tea infused with Bergamot]
The other tea that I discovered is called Luxus. It's a green tea infused with Bergamot oil. So many teas to fit each one's taste... what could be done is making a sampler of your own since you can get everything in 100gm bags. Or if you fancy to enhance your tea caddy collection, they've got really cute tea tins in gorgeous colors for between 4-10€.

Sans & Sans Fine Tea Merchants
C/Argenteria 59
Metro: « Jaume I »
Tel:93 319 6081


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Blogger FooDcrazEE picked an olive...

that looks wonderful...

3:59 p. m., mayo 12, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

How very interesting! Thanks for the enjoyable read!


8:43 a. m., mayo 15, 2006

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

foodcrazee: hola, you've tried rooibos? they're really good.

paz: hey, it's been a while since i heard from you. how's NYC treating ya? hope you're well!

6:50 p. m., mayo 15, 2006

Blogger FooDcrazEE picked an olive...

kel - yeah ! i have tried roobois but still i'm not really a tea drinker. Prefer my coffee anytime. chuckle!

2:07 p. m., mayo 16, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Kel, this is great to know. I'm a (usually green) tea drinker, but when I travel in Spain I never know where to find a decent cup of tea, so I usually end up drinking coffee (coffee is so good in Spain, or at least in Barcelona).

11:38 p. m., junio 13, 2006


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