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A virtual gastronomic tour of the Rue Mouffetard

[To-die-for French Cheeses]

If you're a gastronomy junky, than a trip to Paris can't be complete without trotting down the "food market" on Rue Mouffetard. Well, it's really a street with many food stores and restaurants. And in the mornings and on weekends, makeshift stalls selling fresh vegetables and flowers are also set up on the sides and corners of the road. Here are a few foodie highlights I've come across, which you could look out for if you pay a visit yourself.

La Galette
This buckwheat crepe comes from the Brittany region (Bretagne). The rough difference between a galette and a crepe is that galette is savory and crepe sweet. Most often served at home simply with a fried egg and ham, it is kind of a cross between comfort food and instant cooking.

Les Tartes
Lots of them. Just use your creativity if you're making them. I've tasted a friend's version of salmon with zucchini and another version with pumpkin and squash with bits of ham. Here in the window of a tarte cafe, you have savoyarde, vegetarian, and grilled aubergine.

beaufortLa Fromagerie
Hmmm, French cheese… For me, it's to die for. The past trip I've tasted some really good Comte. Also I got acquainted with a creamy Saint-Marcellin that is made with both goat's and cow's milk. If you wanna learn more, here's a great online resource with info on cheese pairing and cheese history.

My favorite kind is an aged Beaufort, made from raw cow's milk from the Savoie region in the Alps. Belonging to the family of French Gruyères (not Swiss), the 19th century French gastronome and writer Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin named Beaufort the "Prince of the Gruyeres".
(Beaufort photo and info courtesy of

Les Fruits de Mer
Stores dedicated to only seafood are easily spotted in Paris. Featured in this picture are Coquilles St. Jacques or what we call scallops en Anglais. Sea urchins, crabs, prawns, squids, and octupus... all the sea creatures you can name.

Du vin
The Mouffetard has two specialty wine shops that I know of. If you could converse in a little French, you can ask the shopkeeper to recommend you one according to the region you fancy and the budget you have. They're usually helpful with that. This recent trip, I tasted a red from Vallée du Rhône, an excellent Cassis white from the coastal town in Provence, and a Chardonnay.


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Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Thanks for the beautiful tour (and the link to French cheese info)! Oh, how I wish I were in Paris now!

3:50 a. m., abril 18, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Thanks for taking us to the market with you! How fun! I love your photos! Wonderful!

Welcome back!


1:05 a. m., abril 19, 2006

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

Hi Tania and Paz, thanks for popping in. I´m glad you enjoyed the info and pics! k

1:29 a. m., abril 20, 2006

Blogger David picked an olive...

Glad you enjoyed the market! If you're still in Paris, try the market at Richard Lenoir (at the Bastille) which is thursday and sunday.

3:50 a. m., abril 20, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Ah nice. I love rue Mouffetard! I hope to be able to get to do this on my next trip home!!

8:10 a. m., abril 20, 2006

Blogger Isabel R picked an olive...

Oh my!!
I have not stop by for a while and I got back and I am really amazed!!!
Wow, your website is maravilloso!~!
Me gusta mucho el disenio, las fotos, las recetas.
Te felicito mi querida amiga!!
La comida luce deliciosa!!!
Escribeme, cuentame de tus cosas... te estare escribiendo mas pronto!!

10:52 a. m., abril 20, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Very nice blog, congratulation!
Makes me very hungry..:)

4:09 p. m., abril 20, 2006

Blogger Cindy picked an olive...

I can see you had a great time ! Know what ? I spent a whole week in Paris and didn't even go to the market. I had too many things too do, now looking at your photos I wish I had.

6:33 p. m., abril 20, 2006

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

Salut David, thanks for the suggestion on the market at Richard Lenoir. It shall be on top of my list for the next trip! I checked out your blog and oh my what a horrid thing that happened with the EBBP. You know i'm hosting the next round so here's counting on a really nice package to make up for the lost!

Bea, I wonder how you cope with the scarcity of good French cheese and bread in US of A :) I wished I live in France :)

Isa mi bella! Q bueno de oirte, mi amiguita preciosa. Gracias por tu mensajito. Te escribo un email. Muchos besos.

Toto: xie xie ni! Nice seeing you again in Paris.

Cindy: Glad you were being kept busy in Paris. I passed by Montpelier and I think I'd like a chance to visit the old town. A bientot.

11:04 p. m., abril 20, 2006


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