viernes, octubre 07, 2005

Tea, glorious tea

My recent fascination with tea brought me a few discoveries in Hong Kong. In search for the perfect tea, I went from tea shops to tea shops, trying to find a few favorites that I could bring back to Barcelona. A few sessions of tea sampling and having the courteous assistants explaining each tea type and its health benefits, I narrowed down to the two that I really like: -- Pi Lo Chun and Dragon Phoenix Pearl tea.

Pi Lo Chun (or biluochun) translates as "green snail spring" in reference to this tea's distinctive spiral-shaped leaves. This green tea hails from the Fujian province of China and is produced in the short span of time between the Spring Equinox (end of March) and Clear Brightness (early April).

Dragon Phoenix Pearl are jasmine-infused "pearls" that are intricately made up of two delicate leaves and an unopened bud. This Oolong tea is also from the Fujian province (my maternal grandparents' homeland). Infused with the night-blooming jasmine flowers, these pearls majestically unfurl when hot water is added, slowly releasing their delicate scent and flavor. They're really pretty to look at too!

Chinese teas are best taken after lunch as it has digestive and grease-busting effects. Check out these teas if you're a tea lover or just for curiosity's sake. These are a little pricey but for the quality and taste, it's well worth the while.

*Information on tea adapted from Adagio Tea.

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