miércoles, abril 27, 2005

Bits and pieces

It´s terrible, now if I speak english, spanish expressions would wanna fly out of my mouth. Guess it´s pretty normal for language-learners. I also just noticed that I was speaking Spanish to Lola, Ivan´s cat. Scary.

Speaking of the cat, it tried to apply some self-defense on me. That was pretty scary, I´d freaked out if I was attacked by a cat. I think I accidently stepped on her tail and she turned around and showed me her "crouching tiger" move with the expression and all. That was really scary. I found myself trying to speak really gently to her, "Lola...Lola..." trying to coax her down and hoping that she understands that I´m her friend, not an enemy. After about five minutes she was brushing herself against me as she swayed past. Uff (spanish, for ´gosh´) that was close. I wouldn´t wanna be like Melena, the cleaning lady, who´s scarred by Lola for life now. Word has it that she had a similar encounter and was actually attacked by her. Melena is completely petrified by Lola. We´ve to send Lola out to the balcony every Friday morning. If we forget, Lola would be locked in my room and my room would be left uncleaned. Humpfff...

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