miércoles, abril 13, 2005

More of You and less of me

i'm holding fast to You Lord, i won't let go!
i'm laying down my rights so You can take control
i'm holding fast to your ways and not my own
i pray Your kingdom come, my kingdom go.

i'm letting go of me, Lord, to find Your heart
i'm trading all of who i am for who You are
i'm letting go of my ways and breaking free
i'm crying out for more of You and less of me

and i will give you my passion
i will give you all my faithfulness!
won't You pour out Your spirit
won't You fill me with your holiness!

fill me Father, fill me Jesus (fill me Spirit)
with your precious living water

Jeff Deyo- Fill Me

What a refreshing revelation... more of Him and less of me. This is my desire.
In the midst of our busyness and daily goingabouts we forget that we can tap the goodness and greatness of our Heavenly Father. We forget that God can help us even in the most trivial and/or mundane things e.g. selling my car. We forget that He desires a continuous conversation with us.. a truly intimate relationship when we are constantly in communication with Him -- a prayerful heart, a heart of worship.

Through my all my experiences, I realized that I cannot let Him go. Sin Dios yo soy nada. Without God I'm nothing. I am watered down to nothing when His prescence in my life equals nil. I feel very much like David -- again and again he messed up, but again and again God forgives him, and again and again He seeks after God's own heart. From trial and error, he realized that obedience is key.

Everything in this world will fade away one day. Where do you place your hope? What drives you in your life? What do you live for each day? I'm so glad I have Jesus in my life. Because of his act on the cross, he died and rose again, my old self can die and I can be reborn. Now my life is full of hope, full of purpose, and I live each day having the security of God's love, and I know if anything happens to me, I have God whom I can rely on. Nothing can deter me, nothing can crush me, nothing can do me harm. Even if bad things happen to me, I know and I know that I can rely on God's strength. I know He's there for me 24/7. I have a new life that is truly abundant now because I live in God and God lives in me. He lives in my heart. The eternal relationship starts here on earth.

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