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Corazon de Chocolate

[Deliriously Ganached Chocolate Cake]

This week went by eventFULLy. My valentine got lucky by being presented (in his words) his first ever heart-shaped cake; and I got unlucky, a few hours later, with a violent bout of viral gastroenteritis, which ended with me pxxxing my guts out, and fainting, and a doc called-in. Gosh, what a nightmare. That explains why I did not post this in a more timely manner (was bed-ridden for the last 48 hours before this morning).

Anyways, with respect to the objective of this food blog, let's go back to the subject... ah, food!! (Oh, in case you wanna know, i was fed on glucose and rice porridge when my very own's food-processing system was down.) Oh, ok, back on cake, yes, cake.

I did a basic chocolate cake and enrobbed it with chocolate ganache. Hmm, that's the fun part. Here's my recipe for the ganache i.e. a deliriously delightful concoction of chocolate, cream, and butter.

Dark Chocolate Ganache
1 part cream (liquid or creme fraiche)
1 part baking dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa)
half part butter

For one normal-sized cake, I would use 100g cream, 100g chocolate, and 50g butter. Now, heat the cream on slow fire and when it it just about to start boiling, get it off the stove. Add in chocolate (broken into smaller pieces) and butter, and watch them melt nicely. Keep stirring until you get to the consistency of a nice and smooth ganache.

If you like, you can also learn how to enrobe a cake like a pro on Food Network's special feature. I only read about it after my first novice attempt. Bummer.

After you've enrobe the cake successfully, leave it to cool for 15 minutes before chilling your almost-completed ganached cake in the fridge.

You can sprinkle icing sugar or dark cocoa powder on the surface before serving, and decorate it with chocolate shavings. Have fun ganaching!

P.S. Oh, in case you're wondering. I baked my Corazon de Chocolate in this wonderfully space-saving and non cake-clinching silicone heart-shaped baking pan like this one from Crate and Barrel.

P.P.S. In hindsight (after making cake), I thought about the idea of expressing our affections. We do not need to bake heart-shaped cakes only on a Hallmark holiday. Every day is a V's Day when we tell someone we care. And yes, there are all kind of excuses to use our bright crimson and heart-shaped kitchen gear!


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Blogger Kalyn Denny picked an olive...

Oh, sorry to hear you were so sick. It does sound quite awful. Hope you're doing better.

12:58 p. m., febrero 18, 2006

Blogger lightstays picked an olive...

Um, your recipes look good, to say the least. If you happen to ever lose your ability to taste, I would be happy to stand-in.

fellow foodie in Barceloneta, Zach

11:33 p. m., febrero 18, 2006

Blogger rokh picked an olive...

you are so right on bout every day is a v-day. but i still have yet to get my hands on love shape baking stuff. btw, really delish and loving looking cake

4:11 a. m., febrero 20, 2006

Blogger Joycelyn picked an olive...

hi kel, sorry to hear you were not feeling well - hope you're feeling much better now! the cake looks absolutely delicious - and i love how you describe it as delirious (it does look deliriously delicious indeed!)

3:35 p. m., febrero 21, 2006

Blogger mae picked an olive...


Wow, i went through a similar thing on Valentines evening. Got through the starter then the maincourse, just before dessert i started feeling really ill and my throat started feeling really bad. The next day, i couldn't function well at all.

Must be a valentines day bug... I hope you are feeling a lot better now.

This cake looks so devilishly delish.

6:56 p. m., febrero 22, 2006

Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

That bug sounds painful. I'm glad you're better now. Otherwise, I don't have anybody that I can claim shares the same birthday as moi!

You know, if I were any more well-inclined in culinary skills, I'd try out that recipe. But alas, the gourmet chef genes went to my brother and the athletic genes went to me. Still good. I miss you!

4:05 p. m., febrero 23, 2006

Blogger *kel picked an olive...

kalyn: thanks for your concern. Thank God I recovered in a few days. I´m as fit as a fiddle now!

stateless-zach: hey, thanks for stopping by at Green Olive Tree. Love your witty comment :)

rokh: Hiyee, thanks for your words...did you find any heart-shaped stuff in the discount aisle?

j: hey, hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I´ve been a big fan of yours. You and your elaborate recipes..they look yumm.

mae gabriel: yikes, you got the bug too.. yes, it must be the v-day´s bug :) Thanks for your comments.

cookie: hey girl, glad to hear from you. if you can´t try the recipes at least you can gawk at the pics huh? Te echo de menos!! Gracias por el gift cert!!

5:31 p. m., febrero 23, 2006

Blogger Rachel picked an olive...


6:06 a. m., febrero 24, 2006


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