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Lunch at Waterstone Piccadilly

[Salmon and chive quiche with chickpea salad]

I have taken the effort to think about some interesting things to write about my food experiences in Asia, but I have not been able to work with the log of pictures I have captured in my camera. There's a story idea related to Hong Kong, and one to my trip to Bangkok last weekend, and certainly there's one coming up on an island resort in Malaysia, which I'll be visiting tomorrwow, spending a long weekend of sun, sea, and savor.

As I've mentioned in my previous posts, there are several places in Europe that I've visted last year, which I've not finished blogging. So here you go, a little tip on a good meeting place in central London. A few reasons why this place is on my recommendation list, with the largest appeal being it's not too crowded (you can actually get a seat) and it offers a rooftop view of the city. Also, it bookstore location is great for killing time if your date is fashionably late. And lastly, they have a decent serving of lunch food in a classy casual environment.

Set on the fifth floor of what is coined the "largest bookstore in Europe", the cafe/bar in Waterstone's Picadilly offers a great selection of quiche, soups, and sandwiches. My picture above can attest to the quality and presentation of the food, I hope. I was told that the former tenant Simpson’s of Piccadilly was London's iconic menswear department store. The building was also the first British shop to feature an uninterrupted curved-glass frontage. (This last bit of information of course comes from my googling exercise.)

The last time I was in the city late last year. I met my auntie Christina there. We had a hard time deciding where to meet, me coming from East London and her coming from West London. We had a fabulous lunch and I was very pleased that she had a good time herself discovering some place out of the ordinary and she could do a little post-lunch shopping in the area too.

In the Know:
5th View Bar & Food
203-206 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LE
Tel. +44 207 851 2433

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Anonymous Anónimo picked an olive...

Welcome back to the world of food blogs, dearie! I'll do my best to participate in WHB.

5:29 a. m., marzo 07, 2008

Blogger Katie Zeller picked an olive...

Can there be anything better than a huge bookstore with good food? I could just move in and live there!

8:03 p. m., marzo 12, 2008


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