viernes, abril 08, 2011

Second attempt at the no-knead bread

[No-knead bread]

Baked the no-knead bread once last year, wasn't too hard, but just didn't get around doing it again. Recently, I got interested again, bought some yeast and was waiting for the baking mood to come along. Realizing that the instant yeast I bought were going to expire in July, the frugal-not-wanting-to-waste me got to work. After consulting several food blogs and receipe versions online, and after lotsa trial and errors, I've been baking non-stop for the last two weeks....based on this this amazingly fool-proof recipe by Try it, happy baking!

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Blogger Nancy Lewis picked an olive...

Thanks for sharing this! The bread looks delicious! did you make any of your own modifications to the recipe?
~Nancy Lewis~

5:07 a. m., abril 29, 2011


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